Corvid GLM available on Cloud now !

Start monitoring your cryogenic tanks remotely using cloud based
Corvid Gas Level Monitoring system (GLM).

INOX Air Products is the first Industrial Gas Manufacturer reaping benefits.

What is GLM ?

GLM is a cloud based software which helps industrial gas manufacturers, suppliers and consumers to monitor cryogenic tank level remotely.

GLM analyses gas consumption patterns in real-time, forecasts and sends alerts/notifications to relevant persons through SMS and e-mail.

Thus GLM is helping industrial gas manufacturers to deliver timely and proactive refills to their customers. Further it helps the industrial gas consumers to pro-actively place refill orders to their suppliers.

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How it works ?

Features of GLM

Remote Gas Level Monitoring

Forecast levels (low, critical and run-out) ● Understand consumption pattern, seasonality ● Track tank refills

Alerts & Notifications

Automatically send alerts based on tank levels and consumption ● Notify tank refills ● Supports through SMS/E-mail

Concise Reports

Tank Status reports, exportable to Microsoft Excel format ● Tank Refill History ● Gas consumption history



GLM is helping INOX to

  • Understand the consumption pattern of customers
  • Plan tanker routes to combine deliveries of product for multiple customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce product distribution cost
  • Avoid detention time for tankers at customer premises
  • Minimize the returning of undelivered supplies
  • Avoid dependency on personnel in the customer premises to manually get regular tank level updates
  • Meet customer demands for telemetry system
  • Enhance customer trust with sending daily SMS reports of tank levels and ensuring no production loss at customer site

Thus INOX is saving production and logistics cost !

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