Cloud-enable Cryogenic Tanks using Corvid GLM

Start monitoring your cryogenic tanks remotely using cloud based
Corvid Gas & Liquid Monitoring system (GLM).

Our Product

Refill on time, record delivery completion formalities

tanks & record

Track tanker movements in real-time on geographical map & assist logistics

tanker trucks

Acquire measurements from one or more measuring instruments

Gas & Liquid

Plan reorder, schedule, combine refill deliveries & dispatch


Monitor consumption pattern, forecast critical & run-out states in real-time

consumption & devices

Proactively notify system events & alerts to relevant stakeholders & decision support systems

anomalies & events

How it works ?

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Key Benefits of GLM

Visualize and analyze the gas consumption pattern of customers

Initiate proactive and timely product refills to increase customer satisfaction

Plan tanker routes to combine product deliveries for multiple customers

Avoid tanker detention time at customer premises and improve fleet utilization

Eliminate returning of undelivered supplies due to inadequate customer demand

Remove dependency on personnel in the customer premises to get their stock level

Save in overall cost of production and distribution

Salient Features of GLM

Monitor tanks from anywhere using Web Browser and Android mobile application. Make decisions faster using the intuitive dashboard and concise reports.

GLM is hosted and maintained by Corvid Systems in Cloud with assured 24x7 high-availability, data security and privacy. The maintenance includes periodic software updates, regular data backup and regular archiving of logs.

Monitor, control and manage telemetry devices remotely. Integrate any third-party telemetry data sources or devices with GLM Server.

Acquire one or more measurements like product level, pressure, temperature, flow from the remote assets. Process and analyze data to identify consumption pattern and forecast critical & run-out states in real-time.

Secure access to various assets and application features with our state of the art fine-grained access control system. Create groups and roles to organize users by responsibilities. Configure multi-stage approval flows to protect data creation and manipulation.

Receive timely notifications and alerts with the help of the in-built real-time telemetry data processing and notification engine.

Integrate GLM system with existing Supply Chain management systems, CRM, ERP, Vehicle Tracking System or any in-house software, using the GLM RESTful Web Services.

Plan tanker routes to combine deliveries of products to multiple customers and record various stages in the delivery process. View and monitor organizations, tanks, telemetry devices & tankers in geographical map.

Corvid CL200

CL200 is an indigenously developed industrial grade cloud-enabled telemetry device which can acquire one or more measurements from one or more measuring instruments.

2.2 kg
in weight

Up to
8 hours
battery backup

Uses HTTPS over GPRS network
Contains Industrial Lead-Acid Rechargeable battery
Requires 230V, 50HZ AC Power Supply
Remotely Manageable & Monitorable
4x20 white on blue LCD character display
180 x 180 x 125 millimeters in dimension
Waterproof & Dust tight Polycarbonate Enclosure

Branding & Customization

White-labeling of GLM Software is supported. Various elements of GLM user interface can be rebranded as per client requirements, using company name, logo, color schemes and fonts. Custom dashboard views and custom reports can be implemented as well.

Corvid Systems provides sticker design and printing service for CL200 series of telemetry devices. The stickers can be rebranded to carry the client company name, client company logo and other custom details.

Modularity of GLM Software gives the flexibility to the clients to choose and pay only for those features required. GLM can be tuned to monitor from one tank to hundreds of tanks by one user to several users. This scalability helps the client to pay only for the data volume and traffic generated.

Technical Support

Corvid Systems provides 24x7 on-call support for GLM software and CL200 series telemetry devices via telephone, Whatsapp and Skype.

The software support includes software administration, software training, GLM API documentation and third-party application integration assistance.

The hardware support includes CL200 remote configuration, onboarding in GLM Cloud and troubleshooting. Additionally, it includes integration of third-party telemetry devices with GLM Server.

Our Clients

We are a telemetry technology company based out of Bangalore, India.

We indigenously develop state-of-the-art telemetry software platform, remote monitoring solutions and related cloud-enabled industrial grade telemetry devices.

On 1st February 2018, Corvid Systems was incorporated as Limited Liability Partnership firm and subsequently converted into Corvid Systems Private Limited company on 5th September 2019.

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